Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama to Limit Potential Uses of Nuclear Weapons

The Obama Administration is locking up the countries nuclear suppply except for "extreme circumstances." He pledged in a new policy to quite developement of weapons even for self defence. His poplicy does not say the United States will not be the first to use nuclear weapons but it says it will have them to detur a threat or respond to a nuclear attack. Obama also says he will not use nuckear weapons against non nuclear staes as long as they follow agreements even if that attacked with biological weapons. Obama also said he would make exceptions to build up the stockpile for Korea and Iran if they become a threat. Critics say that we could find ourselves with inferrior straegy while others are improving, Obama wants to lead by example. but reducing the size of our arsinle.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Florida Doctor Stands By Anti-'Obamacare' Sign Despite Threat of Complaint

The Flordia Urologists who spoke out against Obamacare by putting a sign up in his office saying he won't serve you if you voted Obama is not backing down. Despite a threat of complaint Dr. Jack Cassel is urging doctors to take a stand because he says this bill will hinder his ability to uphold the Hippocritix Oath. His sign says "If you voted for Obama. seek urologic care eslewhere. Changes to your healtcare begin now, not in four years." Dr. Cassel says he is refusing care to patients but is willing to educate them on the bill. Rep Alan Grayson wants to file a discriminate claim, but the law does not include political discrimination. Lwyers sat Cassel is within his rights and more power to him.

Flat Tax the Solution?

With our progressive tax system out of control it's time for reform. Americans pay a average of 22% and the rich even 33%. Is this fair? No it's not. The tax code is thousands of pages long and with the standards so high for the wealthy, it is a wonder why people cheat on their taxes. So much money is lost in hidden expenses a individual can claim so no one is taxed on their real income. A flat tax is a tax with little deductions. A flat tax is a smaller percentage of your income anywhere from 5%-7%. That is three times lower than the current average? This tax also simplifys the tax code and makes it a lot cheeper to collect taxes. This tax treats everyone the same and provides what we need. Give it a shot why not?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lawmakers Willing to Gamble on Public Anger Over Health Care

The public is angry with Obamacare! They have the right to be after all who wants to be forced to buy health insurance? While the Democrates claim the benefits of the bill will be apparent, first signs of it do not support what they say. This bill could cost an additional 5.5 million jobds becase big buisnesses have to pay for healtcare now, infact this plan is going to hinder the economy and make the deficent even bigger. With government control of health, government now owns 51 percent of the economy. The voice of the people is not being heard some claim and this appears to be true with over half of the American population against this. The Democrates say we do not know what is in the bill and they are confindinet in their reelections in november. I guess we will see when we get there.


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kucinich Says He'll Vote for Health Care Bill

Rep. Kucinuch (D-Ohio) says he will now support the bill giving the house democrates 212 of the 216 they need to pass health care. Kuchinuch said he is against it but after talking to Obama. family and friends he has changed his mind. He was against the bill in November. Kucinich was under a lot of pressure to suupport the bill by Obama and his district. Since the vote on health care bill, five democrates who supported it said they will not support it again until changes are made. The house is also trying a tatic that will not need majority vote to pass the bill.

Public Concern About Environmental Issues Hits 20-Year Low, Poll Finds

According to a recent survey, the public is not very concerned with climate change as they once were. Schloars believe the decreece in concer could be due to the economic crisis or that poeple belive the enviorment is improving. The poll asked eight questions about what people worry about the most in their enviorment. Every questin was down from last years poll. Schloaars think that this is why congress hasnt made any legislation for this. Only 28 percent of americans think that global warming is a problem. the survey was taken with 1400 adults and the margin error is plus or minus 4 percent.